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JULY 1995


by Damon Hedgpet

Not everything new this summer goes into the ground, however Chris Klein of Sunshine Gardens in Encinitas has developed a product he is marketing as a foliage cleaner. Called, Jungle Rain, it blends castile soap and citrus oil. The soap is a high grade, biodegradable cleaner, and it leaves no residue on leaves The same is true of the citrus oil.

I used Jungle Rain to clean up black sooty mold from citrus trees, gardenias, scheffleras and hibiscus. I found that the product not only removed the mold and left the foliage shiny and refreshed, but it had an effect on whiteflies and aphids as well. The soap seemed to dehydrate aphids and the citrus oil appeared to palalyze whiteflies, After two applications of Jungle Rain, both were gone. Since both of these pests are persistent problems in San Diego gardens, I highly recommend this foliage cleaner as an alternative to dangerous chemicals and pesticides that are not doing the job anyway

I used it as an attack agent directly on the aphids endangering my Mandevilla laxa and my Mandevilla Alice du Pont, and both have remained pest-free ever since. Even better, the product had no effect on fragile flower buds, they opened beautifully. It's nice to know that San Diego nurseries are not only bringing exciting new plant material into country gardens, but pro-active nurserymen and women are also working to keep plants healthy and long lived.

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