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Most Effective Placement

Here are three ideas to help you when placing your decals:

1) Bird strikes often occur when birds can see through one window, across the inside of your home or office, and out another window. In short, they think they can fly through your home or office. In this case, position your decals to block this line of sight.

2) Bird strikes occur when birds see open sky reflected in your window. This may occur, based on sunlight and the time of day, in certain windows of your home or certain areas of a large window. Use the decals to break up this reflection of open sky.

3) Male birds often stake out a particular territory. When they see their own reflection in your window, they mistake it for an intruder and attack. This is particularly true of the Northern Cardinal. Place the decals on the window under attack.


  • Clean glass with water and cloth (do not use window cleaners or soap.)
  • Decal and glass should be warm. During winter months, clean glass with hot water.
  • Place on exterior side of glass. Interior placement is possible, but is MUCH less effective.
  • Place decals alone or in groups every 3 square feet of glass.
  • Decals will degrade over time based on exposure and local elevation. Depending on these variables, replace decals every one or two years.

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