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Bird Net Accessories

Correct Use of Corner Attachments

Netbolt anchored into concrete, with turnbuckle and cable attached.

The most critical part of a successful netting job is securely attaching the tensioned cables to the structure, due to the pressure applied by the turnbuckles and the weight of the net. Strong cable-ends and corners are achieved using a wide variety of anchoring systems enabling you to install the system on any substrata. Custom designs for unique structures also available.

Screw eye in wood, can be used as an end or intermediate attachment.

Netbolts - Galvanized

This high-load bearing expansion bolt is the perfect anchor for most masonry, stone or concrete corner/end attachments. Use the smaller bolt for cable runs under 100 feet and the larger for cable runs over 100 feet.

Netbolts - Stainless Steel

Highest grade stainless steel expansion bolt locks solid into concrete, stone or masonry.

279701Netbolt M8 Galvanized, 10/pk$74.00
279711Netbolt M6 Galvanized, 10/pk$51.00
279721Netbolt M6 Stainless, 10/pk$99.95
279731Netbolt Mini Galvanized, 10/pk$19.00
279741Netbolt Mini Stainless, 10/pk$55.00


Eye Bolts With Nuts

Corner/end attachments for an I-beam or other thick metal.

279811Eye Bolt - Galvanized, 20/pk$15.80
279821Eye Bolt - Stainless Steel, 10/pk$20.50
279831Eye Bolt - Heavy Duty with Nut, 10/pk$71.00


Screw Eyes - Heavy Duty

Ideal for cable ends and corners when anchoring in wood.

279911Screw Eye Heavy - Galvanized, 50/pk$27.00
279921Screw Eye Heavy - Stainless Steel, 20/pk$27.00


Girder Clamp

For surfaces up to 2" thick. Bolt the clamp on an I-beam, flat steel or any other configuration and attach your wire or turnbuckle directly to the clamp.

280111Girder Clamp - H.D Steel, 4$94.70
280121Girder Clamp - Stainless Steel, 2", 10/pk$119.00



Corner attachment for smaller net jobs. Drill an 8mm hole, insert the bolt and turn the eye for a solid hold.

281111Mini-Netbolt - Galvanized , 10/pk$16.50
281121Mini-Netbolt - Stainless Steel , 10/pk$45.00


Multi-Purpose Cable Bracket

This versatile, stainless steel bracket can be used as an end or intermediate bracket and can be used either as a permanent fixture or as a quick-release cable holder when you need access behind the netting. Can be attached to steel, wood or sheet metal using powder-actuated tools, self-tapping screws, or anchors.

278801Multi-Purpose Cable Bracket, 100$44.00
278811Multi-Purpose Cable Bracket w/ Hilti Pin, 100/pk$170.00


Intermediate Attachments

Holds the cable against the wall in between corner attachments. Space as follows: 2" Netting = 2-3 feet, 1-1/8" Netting = 1-2 feet, 3/4" Netting 1-2 feet. Below you'll find attachments for every substrata.

Lag Screw

Screw directly into wood or use with anchor for masonry.

281301Lag Screw Driver$8.10
281311Lag Screw Plastic Anchor, 100/pk$3.10
281321Lag Screw, Small - Stainless Steel, 100/pk$99.90
281331Lag Screw, Large - Galvanized, 100/pk$27.00


Screw Eyes (Small)

These screws for wood are very discreet. Available in galvanized and high-grade stainless steel.

279931Screw Eye Small - Galvanized, 100$22.50
279941Screw Eye Small - Stainless Steel, 20$20.00


Hilti Closed Loop

Constructed of high quality, zinc plated steel, the Hilti Closed Loop is an easy to use intermediate attachment for son, concrete, brick and other similar substratas. Simply drill a hole and hammer it home.

Hilti Open Loop

Same as above, except the loop is open, so you can remove you cable if necessary. Great for removable netting jobs. Simply drill a hole and hammer it home.

281511Hilti Closed Loop , 100 per box$135.00
281611Hilti Open Loop, 100 per box$250.00


Net Spike

A hammer-in attachment which can be used in stone, concrete or sound brick work. Provides a very discreet head to thread the cable.

281701Net Spike, 100/pk$117.00
281711Net Spike Stainless Steel, 100/pk$150.00


Kwik Tog and Eye Loop (for stucco)

Stucco is a very difficult substrata to fasten net cable to due to its weakness. Hilti's durable plastic attachment affords a solid base for this screw eye. Drill an 3/8" hole, insert the Kwik Tog so it expands behind the stucco.

281811Kwik Tog and Screw Eye Kit, 50/pk$35.50


Split Pins and Anchor Rivets

One of the strongest and the most discreet intermediate attachments systems available for stone, masonry or brick. Insert the anchor rivet into a pre-drilled hole and hammer the stainless steel split pin home. Thread cable through the hold in the split pin. Different lengths are available depending upon substrata integrity.

282121Anchor Rivets 1", 100/pk$24.20
282131Anchor Rivets 1.5", 100/pk$38.00
282211Split Pins 1", 100/pk$30.00
282221Split Pins 1.5", 100/pk$32.50


Girder Clips

This strong, hammer-on clip allows you to attach cable to hard-to-drill steel surfaces. Hammer the clip onto the edge of the I-beam, with the cable running behind (not through the hole), and your cable is secure. Galvanized. Call for Stainless Steel pricing.

282311Girder Clip 3/32" - 9/64" , 100$79.00
282321Girder Clip 1/8" - 1/4", 100$87.00
282331Girder Clip 5/16" - 1/2", 100 galvanized$95.00
282341Girder Clip 9/16" - 3/4", 100 galvanized$145.00


Cable Tensioners

Turnbuckles - Galvanized

Use galvanized for dry, salt-free climates. Use with galvanized hog rings and net cable.

Turnbuckles - Stainless Steel

Use stainless steel in wet or salty climates. use with stainless steel cable and hog rings.

282511Turnbuckle, Small - Galvanized, 10 pack$26.90
282611Turnbuckle, Small - Stainless Steel, 10 pack$127.00
282521Turnbuckle, Medium - Galvanized, 10 pack$29.90
282621Turnbuckle, Medium - Stainless Steel, 10 pack$150.00
282531Turnbuckle, Large - Galvanized, 10 pack $36.50
282631Turnbuckle, Large - Stainless Steel, 10 pack$175.00



Net Cable

Our 5/64" (2mm) 7x7 construction cable is the standard for perimeter support. It combines strength with flexibility and is very hard to see from distances of ten feet or more. It is available in galvanized or stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended for installations near heavy moisture, especially salt-laden air. Heavier cable is available for non-suspended runs of 150' or more.

*Biocontrol Network offers all sizes of cable, up to 3/4" for different types of projects. Please call for details and pricing.

2828015/64" (2mm) Net Cable - Galvanized (250 ft) $40.90
2828115/64" (2mm) Net Cable - Galvanized (500 ft) $77.00
2828215/32" (4mm) Net Cable - Galvanized (500 ft) $249.00
2828315/64" (2mm) Net Cable - Stainless (250 ft) $114.00
2828415/64" (2.5mm) Net Cable - Stainless (500 ft) $215.00
2828515/32" (4mm) Net Cable - Stainless (500 ft) $440.00
2829215/64" (2mm) Net Cable - Stainless Steel (500 ft)$199.00


Ratchet Crimper

Each cable-end must have a strong loop to secure to a turnbuckle or cable-end attachment. The powerful ratchet crimper and ferrules offer the easiest, strongest and most discreet system available. Use two ferrules at each loop for extra strength.

Ferrules, Copper or Aluminum

These high-quality, seamless ferrules are designed for 5/64" cable. Available in aluminum for galvanized cable and copper for stainless steel.

283011Ratchet Crimp Tool$250.00
283211Aluminum Ferrules 2.5mm, 100 pack$29.90
283301Copper Ferrules 1mm, 100 pack$26.50
283311Copper Ferrules 2.5mm, 100 pack$29.50
283331Copper Ferrules 5/32, 100 pack$105.00

Net Ring Tool and Net Rings

Hand Net Ring Plier
The standard tool for attaching netting to cable, it accepts a cartridge of 50 net rings for fast and easy use. Each square of netting should be attached to the cable.

  • Great for small jobs
  • Light (0.5 lb.)
  • Affordable (relative to other tools)
  • Very maneuverable
  • Fast and easy to re-load
  • Cons
  • Hard on hands for large jobs
  • Can be temperamental (jam, open)
  • *Recommended to have spare tool at all times
  • Holds only 50 rings, more re-loading
  • Tools wear out, need to be replaced

Stanley Pneumatic Net Ring Tool
This fast operating tool is a must on large netting projects. It will save you time and money. Runs off a compressor and holds 100 rings and uses the 1/2-inch ring size. Pneumatic rings are packed in 10,000 rings/box.

  • Fast
  • Fairly reliable
  • Agile nose gets into tight spaces
  • Holds 100 rings
  • Runs as long as there is air pressure
  • Relatively light (2.8 lbs.)
  • Cons
  • Air hose adds weight to tool
  • Tethered by hose to air compressor
  • Expensive (relative to hand tool)
  • Must be shipped for repairs

Net Ring staples are available in galvanized and stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended for most installations.
Net Rings for hand tool: 2,500 rings per pack.
Net Rings for pneumatic and cordless tool: 10,000 rings per pack.

283401Hand Net Ring Tool$79.90
283411Net Rings, Galv. (2500) $28.50
283421Net Rings, Stainless Steel (2500) $99.90
283501Stanley Pneumatic Net Ring Tool$1297.90
283511Net Rings, Galv., 1/2in Pneumatic (10,000) $109.90
283531Net Rings, Stainless Steel, 1/2in Pneumatic (10,000) $331.80

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