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Block pest birds from their "landing strips" with

Bird-X Spikes

Birds instinctively fly to "landing strips" such as roof ledges, windowsills, building projections, signs, statues, trusses and beams. But, now you can keep them from landing on your property... easily, inexpensively... and permanently.

All it takes is an application of SPIKES needle strips from Bird-X. Thers's nothing like this new roost inhibtor from the world's acknowleged leader in bird control products.

Here's why SPIKES works so well:

SPIKES is tough. Long lasting polycarbonate provides decades of maintenance-free protection.

SPIKES is transparent. It does the job without marring the look of your property. It's practically invisible.

SPIKES is dense. Top branches protrude from the verticle shafts to give impenetrable coverage. No need to double up.

SPIKES is flexible. Mounts easily on flat, curved or irregular surfaces - whether wood, metal or masonry.

SPIKES is easy to install. Stackable 12" sections attach quickly with SPIKES Special Adhesive, nails, screws, wire ties, etc.

SPIKES is environmentally safe and non-lethal. Nothing to rust or deteriorate.

SPIKES is economical. Sturdy plastic does the same job a stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. One-foot modules minimize waste.

SPIKES is great working with other BIRD-X products. Combinations have proven more effective than any single product alone.

Standard Spikes, Model #SPK1
For most applications 4 1/2"x 4 1/2" x 1"
Standard Spikes
Click me
Narrow Spikes, Model #SPK2
For ledges 2 1/2" deep or less 4 1/2"x 2 1/4" x 1/2"
Narrow Spikes
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267901Bird-X Spikes Standard, 10 ft.$36.00
267911Bird-X Spikes Standard, 25 ft.$86.00
267921Bird-X Spikes Standard, 50 ft.$157.00
267931Bird-X Spikes Standard, 100 ft.$308.00
267961Bird-X Spikes Narrow, 10 ft.$34.00
267971Bird-X Spikes Narrow, 25 ft.$82.00
267981Bird-X Spikes Narrow, 50 ft.$154.00
267991Bird-X Spikes Narrow, 100 ft.$290.00
Bulk rates available: CALL
268001Spikes Special Adhesive, 10 oz. cartridge (+/- 20')$6.50
268011Spikes Special Adhesive, 12/cs$70.00

One 10 oz adhesive cartridge will affix approximately 20 ft of Spikes

Bird-X Spikes and adhesive ship separately from other items ordered.


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