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Holographic Scare Tape

Circular holographic images flash dramatically in the sunlight as the 3/4" tape vibrates in the wind. Holographic image creates moving reflection which frightens and deters birds. Ideal for fruit trees, berry patches and grapevines.

Highly effective in a wide variety of crop and garden applications.

Also can be used to keep ducks, geese and gulls off waterfront lawns and docks.

For best results, install tape just before crops ripen and feeding habits develop. Elevate tape 3 ft over crops so birds can see it from all directions. Run tape lengthwise and crosswise to form an elevated protective grid. Remove tape when harvest is over to prevent birds from getting used to it.

Money Back Guarantee

384601Holographic Scare Tape, 3/4" x 100'$5.90
384621Holographic Scare Tape, 3/4" x 100' 12/cs$59.00


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