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Unique Kite Windsock

All Jackite Bird Kites/Windsock will beat its wings, bank on the air and soar to new heights.

Attach a line to the neck of the bird and fly it like a traditional kite.

Attach it to a pole and your "pet" bird will spectacularly guard your garden.

Bamboo Pole Bamboo Pole
Bamboo Pole
(cannot be used with Eagle)
Fiberglass Pole

Peregrin Falcon is the same die-cut as the Osprey but with different print.

Hung indoors or outdoors, it makes an attractive decoration.

  • Truly depicts a bird in flight
  • Beats its wings
  • Soars across the wind
  • Friends will insist you have a bird tied to a string
  • Fly as a kite or windsock
  • Display as a mobile in your home or office
  • Realistic graphics depict bird
  • Kit kites are laser die cut for easy assembly
  • Punch out and glue together
  • Made of durable Tyvek® - water proof and tear resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Quality fiberglass spars
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Truly Unique
Peregrine Falcon
Wingspan = 44"

Osprey in motion - AVI
Wingspan = 44"

Eagle in motion - AVI
Wingspan = 60"

What's the difference between assembled and unassembled?
The unassembled Jackite kits will require an hour or two of focused assembly. If you are an experienced model builder or you are crafty and have the kind of patience required to assemble a relatively simple puzzle, then this is the kit for you, not to mention the $10 or $11 you save. Please note, glue is not included with the unassembled kit (white or yellow craft glue is recommended), but complete and fairly easy to follow instructions are included. Also, Jackite Customer Support is available for technical assistance if required.
However, if you are short on patience or are not so inclined towards putting things together yourself, and you don't mind spending $10 in order to save a few hours of your precious time, then by all means, get the assembled kit. There will still be two or three parts to put together for final assembly, but this should take you no more than two or three minutes, after reading the instructions.

263101Jackite - Osprey, unassembled$26.70
263111Jackite - Osprey, assembled$38.50
262701Jackite - Peregrine Falcon, unassembled$26.70
262711Jackite - Peregrine Falcon, assembled$38.50
263301Jackite - Eagle, unassembled$57.95
263311Jackite - Eagle, assembled$67.95
26351616' Bamboo Pole for Jackite$16.95
26341313' Fiberglass Pole for Jackite $24.95
26341616' Fiberglass Pole for Jackite$29.95
26342020' Fiberglass Pole for Jackite, black$36.90
26342828' Fiberglass Pole for Jackite$55.95
263601Line Rig, 7' line w/ swivels$3.95
263602300' Line, on handle$1.95
263603Fiberglass Windsock Arm$3.95

Due to the size and/or shape of the Jackite, it will ship separately from other items ordered.


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