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Allsopp Vigilante Helikite

Huge Area Controlled, Up To 20 Acres


Until now, bird control has always been a hit or miss affair, with old fashioned scarecrows or even the more modern noise makers and flashing scarers giving variable protection, making it impossible for property managers to rely on them for long to prevent expensive damage and often crippling losses. Birds are unpredictable and planning for them is difficult. However, unlike other scarers, the Vigilante Helikite will control birds even after they have acclimated to an area and started to eat a crop.

Far More Effective Than Other Bird-Scarers

The scientifically designed, patented Vigilante Helikite is the first and only bird control system that really works well over a long period of time because birds find it extremely difficult to overcome the innate terror of predatory hawks that Helikites create. Wild hawks reinforce, so habituation is very unlikely - even after months without shooting. If you have a difficult bird problem, the powerful Vigilante Helikite is probably the only scarer really capable of protecting your livelihood.

Totally Silent, No Complaints, Environment Friendly

With the Vigilante Helikite, angry neighbors, frightened livestock, and visits from the noise complaints authorities are a thing of the past. Noise is not required for effective bird control. Sight is the major sense in birds and so they are affected far more by an instinctive visual stimulus than by anything they hear - just like the human fear of snakes and spiders. Silent control makes Bird Scaring feasible in many previously impossible situations - like pig and cattle facilities, grain storage, land fill sites, or near built-up areas. Humane to all, and safe - no explosive gas.

Safe and Very Easily Moved

You can launch a Vigilante Helikite next to populated areas where noisy bangers or wailers would cause objections. Local people will appreciate your concern for them and the environment. You will get a better night's sleep as well!

Full Farm Protection At 1/2 The Cost!

The unique Vigilante Helikite can fly at great heights (up to 200 feet/60 metres). This enables them to be seen over hills or hedges and to have excellent birdscaring ability over vast areas - far more than is usual with any other method.

Low Cost To Buy And Run

A Vigilante Helikite is cheap to buy. You can buy two for the average price of one propane banger or wailer. This will save you hundreds of dollars and the vast coverage of each Helikite means that you can afford to protect the entire area of your vulnerable crops. Are you fed up with putting an expensive banger at one end of the field only to see the birds feeding at the other end? Then total bird control using economical Vigilante Helikites is for you.

Helium gas is very cheap in the U.S. A small cylinder with enough gas to fly a Helikite for nearly a year (35 cu ft.) will only cost about $50, often less. Any party shop or flower shop has helium cylinders. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Industrial Gasses" for a local supplier. Most will deliver. Helium gas regulators for helium balloons are also readily available.

Simple to Use

1) Fill balloon from
balloon-gas cylinder

2) Push balloon into
Helikite & velcro it in

3) Unreel line &
Helikite flies

Why Do Helikites Fly So Well ?

Helikites are neither just a kite nor just a balloon. They are a unique combination of both. As such, they employ the advantages of both without most of their disadvantages. The Allsopp Helikite is lighter-than-air like a balloon but does not get knocked down by the wind like a normal balloon. In fact winds up to 25 mph do the opposite to a Helikite - they actually forces it up ! Over 25 mph the drag caused by the balloon becomes too much and the Helikite is forced down. Of course it will pop up again in an instant with a slight reduction in the wind.

Normal kites get pushed up by the wind but come down if the wind changes or diminishes in strength or gets too strong. Helikites can fly to great heights in no wind and then catch any breezes that may exist at altitude. They can then use that breeze to fly many thousands of feet high with ease. So an Allsopp Helikite will fly in winds from 0 to 25 mph. They will come down in the rain due to the weight of water, but will relaunch automatically when the rain has dried off.

The balloon used by Helikites is fat and rounded, this is essential to provide good helium lift (about twice that of a comparably sized blimp). It also ensures that changes in temperature affect the Helikite as little as possible. Most balloons shaped to fly like kites collapse when they hit cold air due to the shrinkage of the gas inside and consequent loss of pressure needed to retain their shape. This is not a problem with Helikites, so they are far more reliable. Nothing else in the world has so many beneficial flying characteristics. So only the Allsopp Helikite can be used for so many different things with such ease.

Type of birdUse / CropAcres (1ha = 2.5 acres)
Rooks / CrowsEmerging Cereals15
Laid Cereals15
Landfill Sites1 - 6
Farm Buildings5
Pig / Cattle Units2 - 5
Drilled Maize10 - 15
Wood PigeonsOilseed-Rape20 - 25
Emerging Cereals20 - 25
Young Cabbages15
Laid Cereals15 - 25
Drilled Maize15 - 20
Small BirdsGrapes / Bush Crop3 - 5
Strawberries3 - 5
Type of birdUse / CropAcres (1ha = 2.5 acres)
StarlingsCherries / Fruit Crop5
Farm Buildings1 - 5
Cattle Units1 - 3
ComorantsFish Farms10
Rivers400 meters
Local GeeseOilseed-Rape25
Grass Cereals20
GracklesFruit Farms5
SeagullsLandfill Sites1 - 6
Building Sites2
Migratory GeeseGrass / Cereals30 - 50
PheasantsWoodland Edge1 - 5
Herons (UK)Fish Farms10

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