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Allsopp Vigilante Helikite

The revolutionary Vigilante Helikite allows bird control where none was possible before. Farms, Feedlots, Orchards, Row Crops, Landfills, Fish Farms, Office Buildings, Sports Centers, Marinas, Resorts, Factories.

The scientifically designed, patented Vigilante Helikite is the first and only bird control system that really works well over a long period of time because birds find it extremely difficult to overcome the innate terror of predatory hawks that Helikites create.

Sight is the major sense in birds and so they are affected far more by an instinctive visual stimulus than by anything they hear - just like the human fear of snakes and spiders.

The unique Vigilante Helikite can fly at great heights, up to 200 feet (60 metres). This enables them to be seen over hills or hedges and to have excellent birdscaring ability over vast areas - far more than is usual with any other method.

Launches itself, and relaunches after rain. Uses cheap, safe, non-flammable helium gas to stay afloat, even with no wind.

The Vigilante fully surrounds the balloon (seen on next page) and provides puncture protection when the balloon falls to earth, but is heavier in warm weather and when it rains. The Lightweight Helikite uses thin straps (pictured on this page) to hold the balloon (seen on this page) and can be used to lift things in the air, and is more suited to warmer climates, such as the warmer Southern states.

The Helikite kit includes Ripstop-nylon sail/balloon cover, 5 disposable balloons, carbon-fibre spar, 200 ft special high strength flying line with handle, a flashing "Irritape" tail, a long red tail, clips, swivels and full instructions. Each balloon lasts about three weeks. Helium not included.

Lightweight Helikite

Vigilante Helikite
263611Vigilante Helikite VX$212.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263621Vigilante Helikite VX, 4+$199.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263631Vigilante Helikite VX, 10+$192.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263641Vigilante Helikite VX, 20+$187.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263651Ripstop Vigilante Helikite Sail$134.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263711Lightweight Helikite$199.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263721Lightweight Helikite, 4+$192.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263731Lightweight Helikite, 10+$187.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263741Lightweight Helikite, 20+$182.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263751Ripstop Lightweight Helikite Sail$90.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
26366138" Helikite Balloons, 5/pkg$120.00
26366238" Helikite Balloons, 10/pkg$222.00
26366338" Helikite Balloons, 20/pkg$412.00
263771Helikite Carbon-Fiber Spar$48.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263681Helikite Tail Kit (incl clips, swivels, etc.)$25.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
263691Helikite Flying Line, 200 ft with handle$40.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
26376132" Old Helikite Balloons, 5/pkg$89.00
26376232" Old Helikite Balloons, 10/pkg$165.00
26376332" Old Helikite Balloons, 20/pkg$320.00

*There is a 15% restocking fee for this product.


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