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Bird Scare Flash Tape

A slight breeze is enough to cause a fluttering sound and mirror-like reflections that will scare away even the bravest birds. Attach the 1/2" wide streamers to tree limbs, trellises, sprinkler risers, etc.

Birdscare Flash Tape works by reflecting sunlight. When applied in a spiral, any wind movement causes the alternating red and silver sides to flash brilliantly. This seems to signal danger to the birds, who may associate it with fire.

Proven effective in a wide variety of crop and garden applications. Can be stretched over a crop, secured every 30-40 ft or 2 ft. long bunches of streamers can be hung from outer branches of trees. Also can be used to keep ducks, geese and gulls off waterfront lawns and docks.

For best results, install just before crop starts to ripen and remove when crop is harvested.

269901 Flash Tape, 290 ft. (.1#)                 $6.36
269911 Flash Tape, 5 rolls x 290 ft. (.43#)     $30.00  
269921 Flash Tape, 10 rolls x 290 ft. (.85#)    $54.50  
269948 Flash Tape, 48 rolls/case (4#)          $245.76
269996 Flash Tape, 96 rolls/case (8#)          $440.00
See Bird Scare Ribbon


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