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Bird-X BirdNet

Prevent birds from damaging your trees or crops or from entering architectural openings with Bird Mesh. This tough, nearly invisible, UV stablized polypropylene mesh netting comes in two styles: standard 3/4" mesh, which lasts approximately 3-10 years depending on weather conditions; and structural, a more durable 1/2" mesh that lasts 20 years or more.

Ideal protection for vineyards, orchards and other agricultural concerns. Creates bird proof enclosures that allow light and moisture to reach crops.

NOTE: All bird control methods prove more effecive when different types of products are used in combination. Call us and describe your pest bird situation and let one of our professionals suggest solutions for you.

267301Bird-X Net, std. 3/4" mesh, 100 ft x 14 ft$63.00
267311Bird-X Net, std. 3/4" mesh, 200 ft x 14 ft$113.00
267321Bird-X Net, structural 1/2" mesh, 100 ft x 14 ft$199.00
267331Bird-X Net, structural 1/2" mesh, 100 ft x 14 ft, 5+$190.00
267341Bird-X Net, structural 1/2" mesh, 200 ft x 14 ft$360.00
267351Bird-X Net, structural 1/2" mesh, 200 ft x 14 ft, 5+$340.00
267361Bird-X Net, structural 1/2" mesh, 200 ft x 14 ft, 12+$320.00
267371Bird-X Mounting Clips, 250$99.00

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