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Attack Spider - woodpecker deterrent

The BIRDS-AWAY Attack Spider® is a battery-operated device that will chase away damage-causing woodpeckers. Activated by sound, the spider drops down on an 18 inch string while making a loud noise. Then it climbs back up the string, ready to attack again. This unusual solution is both very inexpensive and highly effective. Woodpeckers cannot stand them!

  • Unique, effective solution to woodpecker damage
  • Sound-activated. Drops fast when woodpecker pecks
  • Makes sound while dropping
  • Can drive a woodpecker off a nesting hole
  • Used by wildlife control professionals
  • Low cost


    1. Lift up the plush Velcro battery cover located on the spider's left side.
    2. Use a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment cover.
    3. Install 2 "AA" size alkaline batteries (not included) in the proper (+) (-) positions.
    4. Place the cover back and screw it closed. Then fold the Velcro flap back to cover up the battery compartment.
    5. Turn the power switch to the "on" position and find a good place to hang the spider by the metal ring.
    6. For those few who unscrewed the belly plate of the spider looking for the battery compartment, click here to see how to put the legs back on.

    The Screw Up® Combo Tool

    The Screw Up® Combo Tool is a new, patented tool that allows you to install screw hooks using an extension pole. Simply twist The Screw Up® onto an extension pole, place a round screw hook into the magnetic socket, lift and turn. To hang an object on the screw hook, use the built-in hang finger. It is the fast and safe way to hang just about anything in high places, WITHOUT a ladder.

  • Magnetic socket
  • Built-in hang tool
  • Fits #14 screw hook
  • Screw hooks included
  • Attaches to common extension poles
  • Very low cost
  • Use as a hand tool
  • No other tool like it!

    Attack Spider is out of stock at this time.
    We are looking forward to receiving a shipment of Attack Spiders later this year

    269801 Attack Spider, woodpecker deterrent (0.7#)          $20.90  ** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK **
    269811 Attack Spider, woodpecker deterrent, 3+ (0.7#)      $18.85  ** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK **
    269831 Attack Spider, woodpecker deterrent, 12/cs (8#)    $202.92  ** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK **
    269832 Attack Spider, woodpecker deterrent, 24/cs (15#)   $375.60  ** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK **
    269841 The Screw Up Combo Tool (0.4#)                       $6.95


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