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Daddi Long Legs Accesories

PVC Base for Glue Attachment
The PVC Base works perfectly when drilling is not an option. Daddi Long Legs can be attached to the PVC glue-on base adapter.
Boat Base
The unique Boat Base is a polycarbonae non-penetrating adapter which is attached to the Daddi Long Legs base. Holes at the ends of each arm allow attaching with a bungee cord or other tie-down. Makes for quick removal when you're ready to go boating.
This base also allows the Daddi Long Legs to be used on umbrellas and canopies since the bird deterrent can be removed easily when the umbrella/canopy is not in use.
Boat Railing Mount
The Boat Railing Mount is used when birds consider your boat's railing a perfect perch. Simply attach a Daddi Long Legs to the railing with this product.
Sandbag Base
The Sandbag Base is weighted sandbag base that can be used in areas where the standard boat base is not appropriate.

278961Daddi Long Legs, (Glue On) PVC Base$4.90
278971Daddi Long Legs, Boat Base$5.60
278981Daddi Long Legs, Boat Railing Mount$59.90
278991Daddi Long Legs, Sandbag Base$45.00


Bird Barrier Bond

An exceptionall strong, but flexible adhesive. It handles dramatic temperature changes withough cracking, and adheres Bird Barrier products to most surfaces. For best results the mounting surface must be dry, completely clean and prepped. Full cure is in 24 hours at normal temperatures, but under some circumstances it can be workable in as little as four hours. The 3.75oz tube will bond 12 PVC bases. The 10.2 oz cartridge will bond 35 PVC bases.

279011Bird Barrier Bond 1.25 oz$3.70
279021Bird Barrier Bond 3.75 oz Tube$7.65
279031Bird Barrier Bond 10.2 oz Cartridge$14.25


Bird Barrier Super Bond

Applicator Gun

Occasionally you can't wait for the regular bond to cure. Bird Barrier Super Bond cures in about one hour, so you can secure your products and be on your way. The Super Bond Tube will bond 10 PVC bases. Requires applicator and nozzles.

279111Bird Barrier Super Bond $28.50
279121Super Bond Nozzles (12 pkg)$29.00
279131Super Bond Applicator Gun$66.00


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