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Spined Soldier Bug
(Podisus maculiventris)

Podisus maculiventris These predatory stink bugs prey on Mexican Bean Beetles, Colorado Potato Beetles, hornworms, Imported Cabbage Looper, Imported Cabbage Worm (otherwise known as "broccoli worms"), webworms, armyworms and other garden and crop pests.

Because spined soldier bugs do not typically exist in high numbers anywhere, you can increase the population by releasing them near your garden.

Both nymphs and adults feed on caterpillars and the larvae of beetles. They can eat caterpillars that are so big that few other predators can handle them. Prey is harpooned, injected with a substance that paralyzes it within 60 seconds, and is killed as body fluids are sucked out through the harpoon.

Nymphs begin feeding 4 or 5 days after hatching and continue to attack prey throughout the next three weeks of development. (30 days from egg to adult, depending on temperatures and food) Eggs are shipped as close to the hatch date as possible. Nymphs (if available) are shipped at approximately 15-21 days maturity.

"Spined Soldier Bugs" will provide approximately 30 days of control from time of release. Under optimum conditions they can provide control for up to 85 days. It is sometimes necessary to release additional predators if the adult population has diminished or if subsequent plantings are desired.

General application rate is one nymph/adult per lightly infested plant and 5-10 per heavily affected plant. Podisus are highly mobile. Nymphs can walk quickly from plant to plant. Adults will spread rapidly by flying and walking. It is recommended, however, that the bugs be released evenly thoughout the crop to reduce cannibalism and to increase predator efficiency.

116411   Podisus maculiventris, 250 eggs      $124.00
116421   Podisus maculiventris, 500 eggs      $220.00
116431   Podisus maculiventris, 750 eggs      $300.00
116441   Podisus maculiventris, 1000 eggs     $380.00


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Permit required for shipment to Hawaii and many countries outside the USA.

"Live & perishable product sales, once shipped are final, non-cancelable
and non-refundable, unless approved by a Biocontrol Network officer."

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