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Beneficial Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae

Attacks primarily immature flies, including mushroom flies, fungus gnats, and crane flies. This nematode is unique in maintaining infectivity at soil temperatures below 50°F (10°C). S. feltiae offers lower stability than other steinernematids.

Steinernema feltiae is a specially selected beneficial insect parasitic nematode.

Target Pests:
Fly pests known collectively as "fungus gnats". Plant parasitic nematodes, particularly those of the Root knot group. Humpbacked flies, Fruit flies, Raspberry crown borer, Leaf miners, Cabbage maggot, Cucumber beetles, Shore flies, Black cutworm, Tobacco cutworm, White grubs, Beet armyworm, Onion maggot, Subterranean Termite and more.

221111Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 5 mil$19.40
221121Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 10 mil$26.90
221131Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 50 million, 1/4 acre$59.00
221140Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 100 million, 1/2 acre$115.00
221150Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 200 million, 1 acre$214.00
221160Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 600 million, 3 acres$566.00
221171Nematodes - Steinernema feltiae, 1000 million, 5 acres$870.00

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