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Beneficial Nematodes - Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Among the most important entomopathogenic nematodes, H. bacteriophora possesses considerable versatility, attacking lepidopterous and coleopterous insect larvae among other insects. This cruiser species appears most useful against root weevils, particularly black vine weevil where it has provided consistently excellent results in containerized soil.

This nematode species is similar to Steinernema except that it can enter its prey directly through the body wall as well as through body openings. Considered by many to be more agressive.

A warm temperature nematode, H. bacteriophora shows reduced control when soil drops below 68°F (20°C).

Target Pest:
Weevils, Beetle grubs, Japanese beetle, Masked chaffers, May/June beetles, Black vine weevil, various white grubs, Banana weevil, Bill bug, Colorado Potato beetle, Cucumber beetle, Sweetpotato weevil, Asparagus beetle, Carrot weevil, Banana moth, Citrus root weevil group, Sugarcane stalk borer, Various tree and vine borers, Bagworms, Flea beetle, Flea and over 200 other species.

221311 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 5 million (1000 sq. ft.)      $19.40
221321 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 10 million (2200 sq. ft.)     $27.90
221331 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 50 million, 1/4 acre (1.2#)   $63.60
221341 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 100 million, 1/2 acre (3#)   $123.70
221351 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 200 million, 1 acre (6#)     $226.00
221361 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 600 million, 3 acre (6#)     $598.00
221371 Nematodes - Heterohabditus b., 1000 million, 5 acres (6#)   $950.00


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