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Lawn and Garden Pest Control

Beneficial Nematode Application Rates

200 Million Nematodes/Acre

1 Million/650 sq. ft. of lawn

1 Million/400 row ft. of garden

 Armyworms                 Crane flies/leather jackets     Cucumber beetles
 Bean Beetles              Cutworms                        Flea beetles
 Billbugs                  Fungus gnats                    Oriental beetles
 Carrot weevils            Japanese beetles                Rose chafers
 Asiatic garden beetles    June beetles                    White grubs
 Citrus weevils            Masked chafers                  
 European chafers          Sod webworms                    

400 Million Nematodes/Acre

1 Million/300 sq. ft. of lawn

1 Million/150 row ft. of garden

  Black vine weevils           Onion maggots
  Cabbage root maggots         Strawberry root weevils
  Fly larvae                   Wireworms

Nematode to Water Application Ratio Chart

        Nematodes                  Water

  Garden Size (5 Million)       1-10 Gallons
  Yard Size (10 Million)        2-20 Gallons
  1/4 Acre Size (50 Million)    3-50 Gallons
  1/2 Acre Size (100 Million)   5-100 Gallons
  Acre Size (200 Million)       10-200 Gallons

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