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A Gardener's Best Friends

The Aphid Lion

Green Lacewing
Chrysoperla sp.

Lacewing These delicate predators consume aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, leafhopper nymphs, caterpillar eggs, scales, thrips, and whiteflies. Green lacewing are shipped as eggs packed in bran. Lacewing larvae eating

Release rates: In gardens and greenhouses, release eggs at about 1,000 eggs/200 sq. ft., 10 to 50 thousand per acre. Once the larvae emerge, they will feed for 1-3 weeks before they become adults. The adults eat only honey, pollen, and nectar, which they need to reproduce. Repeated releases may be necessary if the infestation has not been arrested 5-7 days after the larvae have emerged. Availability: year-round.

110011  Green Lacewing eggs, 1,000 (.6#)                $8.50
110022  Green Lacewing eggs, 2,000 (.6#)               $14.20
110035  Green Lacewing eggs, 5,000 (.5#)               $33.90
110041  Green Lacewing eggs, 10,000 (.5#)              $62.50
110051  Green Lacewing eggs, 50,000 (1#)              $190.00
110052  Green Lacewing eggs, 100,000 (2#)             $320.00
110202  Green Lacewing adults, 100 pre-fed (2#)        $76.50
110203  Green Lacewing adults, 250 pre-fed (2#)        $99.90
110204  Green Lacewing adults, 500 pre-fed (5#)       $190.90


Preferred Shipping methods: UPS 2nd Day or Overnight.

Cart orders that have anything other than 2nd Day or Overnight shipping will be upgraded.

Permit required for shipment to Hawaii and many countries outside the USA.

"Live & perishable product sales, once shipped are final, non-cancelable
and non-refundable, unless approved by a Biocontrol Network officer."

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