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Praying Mantid Release and Storage Guidelines

  • Attach Praying Mantis egg cases to a twig or plant about a foot or two off of the ground where there is cover to protect the babies. Once hatching starts the babies will emerge and disperse (it is very difficult to know when hatching has occured unless the elusive, well-camouflaged young are found.), the young will crawl from between tiny flaps in the cases and hang from silken threads about 2 inches below the case when hatching. The egg case doesn't change in appearance in any way.
  • After drying out, the long-legged young disperse into the vegetation leaving little evidence of their appearance.
  • If you want to observe the hatching, place the egg cases in a paper bag, folding the top and paper clip. Place the bag on a window sill in direct sunlight. Periodically open the bag carefully and if already hatched, take outside and release.
  • Be patient because sometimes it takes up to 8 weeks of warm weather for them to hatch.

Praying Mantids may be stored in your refrigerator for a few weeks. Do not freeze. When storing Praying Mantids, please remember Mantids can take up to 8 weeks to hatch.

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