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Ladybug Release Guidelines

  • When Ladybugs arrive put the sack in a cool place (refrigerator) until late evening or early morning.
  • Do not release the Ladybugs during the heat of the day or while the sun is shining.
  • Ladybugs should be released when the plants have become partially enfoliated, which will provide coverage, and some pest insects are present, which will provide food.
  • In order to achieve biological control of insects try to maintain a balance of a few pests for food and enough Ladybugs to keep them in check, being careful not to release to many Ladybugs at one time.
  • Sprinkle or irrigate the area before releasing the Ladybugs so they will have a drink of water after their journey. The can also be watered by sprinkling the sack with water. Do not put wet bags in the refrigerator.
  • Ladybugs should be released a few at a time twice a week during the season when leaves are young, tender and attractive to pest insects.
  • Apply one (1) tablespoon on each shrub and a handful on each tree to keep them free from pest damage.
  • For heavy infestation, release all the Ladybugs in the bag at one time.

After application retie the bag and place in refrigerator until all Ladybugs are used. Ladybugs may be stored in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. Do not freeze.

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