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Spider Mite Control

Nothing Works Better To Create A Beautiful Crop
Than These Mite Predators.

Galendromus occidentalis

Host Pest: All stages of Spider mites (not effective on eggs of European red mites).

This mite predator is very versatile and tolerates high temperatures and high humidity (60-85 percent) well, both indoors and out. Tolerates low humidity of inland valleys. Does not do well in cool coastal areas.

Use G. occidentalis to control spider mites, two spotted mites, Russet mites, and others on gardens, greenhouses, and orchards of all types, fruit trees, grapes, corn, cotton, ornamentals and strawberries.

Adults eat 1-3 pest adults or up to 6 pest eggs/day. Develops from egg to adult in 7 to 14 days depending on temperature. Does best in warm weather (80° to 110° F) and tolerates the low humidity. Goes into diapause (hibernation) in colder temperatures.

Highly perishable, should be applied to the crop as soon as possible. If storage is necessary refrigerate at 45°-50° F. for up to five days.

Recommended for greenhouses only if plants are maintained as low as 30% relative humidity.

Release rates:
Indoors, 2-3/sq. ft. every 2 weeks, 2-3 applications;
Outdoors, 2,000-5,000/acre every 2 weeks, 2-3 applications at the first sign of spider mites.

Later releases will require much higher numbers to be effective.

Avoid using pesticides one week prior and one week after release of the predators.

155211Galendromus occidentalis, 1000$46.00
155221Galendromus occidentalis, 5000$150.00
155241Galendromus occidentalis, 10000$230.00
155251Galendromus occidentalis, 25000$475.00
155261Galendromus occidentalis, 50000$840.00


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Permit required for shipment to Hawaii and many countries outside the USA.

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and non-refundable, unless approved by a Biocontrol Network officer."

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