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Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mealybug Destroyer
(Cryptolaemus montrouzieri)

Both the larval and adult stages of this predator attack all stages of mealybugs. If food is scarce they will eat soft scales and aphids. Cryptolaemus are shipped as adults and are most effective in high infestations. Optimal conditions are 61-91 degrees F with a relative humidity between 70-80%. If not released immediately, store at room temperature. Application rates: 5/infested plant; 500-5,000/acre. First release should be in early spring. Larval stage 13-17 days. Pupae stage 7-10 days. Adult stage 15-25 days.

Cryptolaemus MUST be shipped Overnight. Cryptolaemus typically ships on Wednesday, for Thursday delivery.

11471125 Mealybug Destroyer$37.90
11471550 Mealybug Destroyer$52.00
114722100 Mealybug Destroyer$62.50
114732250 Mealybug Destroyer$97.00
114742500 Mealybug Destroyer$185.00
1147521000 Mealybug Destroyer$320.00
1147622500 Mealybug Destroyer$690.00
1147725000 Mealybug Destroyer$1340.00


Request by Thursday noon for shipment the following week via UPS Overnight.

Cart orders that have anything other than Overnight shipping will be automatically upgraded.

Permit required for shipment to Hawaii and many countries outside the USA.

"Live & perishable product sales, once shipped are final, non-cancelable
and non-refundable, unless approved by a Biocontrol Network officer."

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