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Spider Mite Control

Nothing Works Better To Create A Beautiful Crop
Than These Mite Predators.

Amblyseius californicus Neoseiulus californicus

Although these predatory mites consume their prey at a more leisurely pace than do their friends Mesoseiulus longipes and Phytoseiulus persimilis--one adult or a few eggs per day--they can survive longer under starvation conditions.

N. californicus need a minimum of 60% humidity and like temperatures 60-85 degrees F.

Origin: California
Host Mites: Spider mite, Broad mite
Host Plants: Ornamentals, Roses, Grapes, Strawberries, Corn.

This predator has five life stages; egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph and adult. Their rate of increase is dependent on the temperature. It completes a generation in 4 to 12 days depending on the average temperature (12 days at 64°F, 4 days at 90°F). It lays about 3 eggs per day for 2 weeks and it lives about 20 days. At 77°F the female N. californicus can consume 5.3 Spider mites eggs/day. It feeds on a variety of pest mites including the 2 Spotted Mite, Pacific mite and the Cyclamen mite.

Pesticides: N. californicus tolerates many pesticides. However, avoid using any pesticide one week prior and one week after release of predators.

Release rates: 4 mites/sq. ft, bi-weekly, 2-3 times; 5,000-20,000/acre, bi-weekly, 2-3 times. Works great in gardens, greenhouses, strawberries, ornamentals and roses.

Storage: N. californicus can be held in cold storage (50°F) for 7 days or more.

151212Neoseiulus californicus, 1000$38.00
151222Neoseiulus californicus, 2000$70.00
151252Neoseiulus californicus, 5000$145.00
151262Neoseiulus californicus, 10000$240.00
151311N. californicus/M. longipes/P. persimilus mix, 1000$41.25
151321N. californicus/M. longipes/P. persimilus mix, 2000$56.25
151341N. californicus/M. longipes/P. persimilus mix, 4000$75.00
151361N. californicus/M. longipes/P. persimilus mix, 10000$172.00


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