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Colorado Potato Beetle Beater

Bonide Colorado Potato Beater is intended for control of worms (caterpillars) and other insects Spinosad does not significantly impact predatory beneficial insects, predatory mites, and spiders while controlling target pests. Susceptible insect pests may be observed on plants up to several hours after treatment, but will have ceased active feeding before being killed. Spinosad is classified as an organic substance by the USDA National Organic Standards Board.

Mixing and Application (shake well before use)
Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Beater may be applied with trigger sprayer, hand-held, backpack, or hose-end sprayers. Use a hose-end sprayer that can be adjusted to provide a dilution ratio of about 2 fl oz of Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Beater (4 Tbs) per gallon of spray.

Add the required amount of Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Beater to the recommended amount of water, mix throughly, and apply uniformly to both upper and lower surfaces of plant foliage. It is recommended to mix only as much spray as needed for a single treatment. In vegetables gardens it is recommended to use not more than 3 gallons of spray for 1000 sq ft of area. Do not use kitchen utensils for measuring. Keep measuring utensils with product and away from children.

Unit of Measure* Amount of Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Beater
to use per Pint, Quart or Gallon of
Per Pint (16 fl oz) of SprayPer Quart (32 fl oz) of SprayPer Gallon (128 fl oz) of Spray
Fluid Ounces (fl oz)0.25 fl oz0.5 fl oz2.0 fl oz
Mililiters (ml)7.5 ml75 ml300 ml
Tablespoons (Tbs)1/2 Tbs1 Tbs4 Tbs
Teaspoons (tsp)1 1/2 tsp3 tsp12 tsp
* Conversion factors: 1 fl oz = 30 ml = 2 tablespoons (Tbs) = 6 teaspoons (tsp) (1 teaspoon = 1/3 tablespoon)

Please check Monterey Garden Insect Spray

201421 CO Potato Beetle Beater, 16 oz. (1.5#)       $19.95


Colorado Potato Beetle Beater is not registered for sale in the state of California.

Permit may be required for shipment to countries outside the USA.

  • NCSU Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production discussion of Insect Pathogens

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